Our Awesome Modules

Fully flexible Admission Module of School ERP gives you real flexibility by having control over almost all Parameters, e.g. Class, Section, Caste, Blood Group

Student Management System

This module contains Student Enquiry, Registration and Admission details. Admit more students in school, edit their details and remove an existing student detail from system if required.

Fee Management System

Fee Management System module is designed for Fee collection, applying waiver or requesting waiver for students. Advance fee and part payment can be also accepted by school. Different Fee settings for automatic discount in advance fee payment, combine fee payment for last 2 or 3 months is mandatory etc. Fee dues alert to parents.

Attendance Alerts

Automatic student and staff attendance with biometric or smart ID cards. Send automatic pre-configured SMS alert to parent in case student absent in school. Attendance report monthly, weekly and daily as per college need.

Transport Management System

Manage all your transport information on web portal. Add vehicles, Drivers, Routes and pickup/drop points. Allocate transport facility to Student or Staff. Transport fee will be automatically applicable on Student or staff accordingly. Get route wise roster list for pickup and drop. Track your vehicles on web screen from your admin department using GPS System as per requirement.

Library Management System

Add books in library with all details, Allocate library facility to students, issue books to students, return book from student. Get Issue book report, get defaulter student list & more reports.

Hostel Management System

Managing hostel information with school ERP made easy with MyCollegeInfo application. Add hostel information with rooms and beds available. Allocate hostel to student. Automatic fee applied on students. Separate/combine fee collection for hostel fees as per the configuration. Fee dues alert to parents.

Exam Management System

Create Exams for selected classes, marks entry for exam subjects. Create Report card as per the need.

Certificate Management System

Manage TC, CC and other certificates of students with this module. We will keep the data record for ever.

Payroll Management System

Complete Payroll management system. Manage Department, Designation and employee. Create Pay heads, do salary setting, map employee salary, generate payslip. Leave Management, Leave application, leave approval, employee performance report card etc.

Events Management System

Create Event, school wise event, class wise event, add fee on event which will be applicable to all student or selected class student, Events status update. Student/Parent Feedback on events etc.

User Management System

Create More users for accessing MCI School ERP, Block / unblock existing user access, change Password of any user (if you are college admin), different role access are provided. Following Roles are preconfigured in system - School Admin, Accountant, Class Teacher, Librarian, Receptionist

Alumni Management System

Manage Alumni Members information as per the need.

Bulletin Board

Notices sent to parents/students/staff will be added to website (if website purchased from us or we will provide API for 3rd party to integrate with our application) Notices will also appear on school ERP Dashboard.

SMS Alerts

Send Unlimited SMS alerts to parents/staffs. SMS alert can be a notice, homework, teachers remark etc. Pre-configured automatic SMS alerts to parents/staffs for enquiry, registration, admission, fee dues, fee payment, assignments, events, attendance, transport allocation, library book issue, staff registration, salary slip etc.

Expense Management System

Manage Entire expense of school at one place, Expense Application, expense approval, expense report (Daily, Weekly, monthly), staff wise report, head wise report etc.


Admission Reports, Enquiry Report, Dashboard Summary Reports, Graphical Reports (Bar and Pie charts), Fee dues Report, Fee Collection Report (Date Wise, Head Wise, Class Wise etc.), Expense Report, School Activity Report, Staff Salary Report (All, Staff Wise), Attendance Report (Student and Staff), Business Report, Day Book Report, Transport allocation report etc.